“Where are you located?”
I am based at Hale Village Therapy Centre.
How long does a session last?”

50 minutes – Individuals
60/90 minutes – Couples

“How long will counselling take overall?”
Each person has different counselling needs. Some people benefit from just a few sessions while others continue for longer. I offer short term and longer term work. At our first meeting, we can discuss the length of counselling and can review this as the work progresses.
“Who is counselling for?”
Counselling is for anyone who feels they would benefit from talking to a professional counsellor about their concerns, worries and fears.
“How will counselling work?”
Initially we will have a confidential consultation in which we will discuss your reasons for coming to counselling. If we agree that counselling is right for you, we can discuss your understanding, expectations and goals. We will then work together to enable you to gain insight and awareness of how to deal with the difficulties you may be facing..
“What sort of counselling do you do?”
I integrate several counselling approaches, which offers a flexible framework within which we can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences.