Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the level to which you respect and value yourself as an important, worthwhile person.  Your level of self esteem is your level of “mental fitness”, in other words, a measure of how healthy, hardy and resilient you are in dealing with life’s ups and downs.   It does not mean being conceited or arrogant; it means liking yourself as you are and thinking as highly of yourself as you do of others.


To raise your self esteem, stop self destructive behaviours such as overeating, compulsive spending, relationship dependency.  Practise self care through exercise, stress management and relaxation; develop new ways of thinking such as either/or thinking; learn assertiveness skills by voicing what you see, feel and want using “I” statements.


Maintain healthy self esteem by forgiving yourself for your mistakes; change the messages you tell yourself – instead of putting yourself down, send yourself positive messages rather than negative self talk; celebrate your strengths and achievements; set achievable targets and ask for feedback; be sure you are not judging yourself against unreasonable standards or others standards.

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